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KG4YZY-10 APRS Digipeater & KG4YZY-11 I-Gate Information

KG4YZY-10 is a Wide Area Digipeater for Pasco and surrounding counties in West Central Florida. The KG4YZY-10 node digipeats only Widen-N unproto paths as described in Bob Bruninga's Fix 144.390MHz page (the New n-N Paradigm as it's named).

KG4YZY-11 is an APRS I-Gate that sends and receives on air APRS packets to and from the APRS Internet System (aprs-is). The I-Gate, operating on the same antenna that the KG4YZY-10 digipeater does, covers the greater Tampa Bay Area in West Central Florida.

The TNC and VHF transceiver powering this APRS node...
A Kantronics KPC-3 with version 9.1 of firmware is the terminal node controller. This model is used heavily for APRS digipeaters. KISS mode connects it to a server where AGW Packet Engine Pro permits TNC sharing.
271a Radio
A Kenwood TM-271a transceiver is the VHF 2 meter radio. This model is mil spec, and has no fan to worry about. It produces 60 watts of spectrally pure output. All connections to the TNC are done internally on solder pads designed for TNC hookup.

Details of the configuration and information about the node...
KG4YZY rigging
the tower 05/13/03
KG4YZY rigging the tower

Closeup of the
two bay dipole
Telewave antenna
VHF Antenna

  • The Digipeater & I-Gate are located at Lat 28.16.97N, Long 82.42.70W, Grid Square EL88PG. The antenna is 228ft above sea level - 200ft above ground level on a commercial broadcast tower in Port Richey, Florida.   The site is located near the intersection of US Highway 19 and Ridge Road in West Pasco County.

  • The Predicted system coverage map of the KG4YZY Digipeater & IGate.

  • View a listing of all the stations heard in the past day by our I-Gate.

  • Tampa is a heavy APRS traffic area, you can see that with the load graph.

  • Generate the PHGR (Power Height Gain Range) code to use with your on air station or digipeater's beacon comment using this simple online PHG calculator.

  • Unproto path selection is simpler in the New Paradigm. It does, however, mean that relay, wide, trace, tracen-N are now obsolete unsupported paths.

If you are still using depreciated paths please reconfigure your system's
unproto paths as suggested below, or none of your packets will be digipeated:

These paths are suggested for use by fixed location users:
     wide1-1 - replaces old relay or single wide - gets digipeated once.
     wide2-2 - replaces relay,wide or wide,wide - gets digipeated twice.
     wide3-3 - the longest path supported - gets digipeated three times.

If you operate mobile using fill in digipeaters these are your paths:
     wide1-1 - replaces old relay or single wide - gets digipeated once.
     wide1-1, wide2-1 - replaces relay,wide or wide,wide - digipeated twice.
     wide1-1, wide2-2 - longest mobile path - gets digipeated three times.

Instructions for setting up a home UI-View fill-in digipeater in the new paradigm

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findU Callsign Lookup
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